Shoya Ishimaru

Shoya Ishimaru

Dr. Shoya Ishimaru is a Senior Researcher at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). His research interest is to invent new technologies augmenting human intellect [Google Scholar]. He received his PhD in Engineering at the University of Kaiserslautern and the title of MITOU Super Creator by Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry in Japan.

Work Experience

2019-*   Senior Researcher, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)
2016-2019Researcher, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)
2016-2019Research Associate, University of Kaiserslautern

Part-Time Job, Internship, and Service

2020-*   Mentor (PM), Mitou Junior
2016-*   Visiting Researcher, Osaka Prefecture University
2014-*   Researcher, Keio Media Design Research Institute
2013-2015Engineering mentor, Life is Tech, Inc.
     2015Engineering Internship, Recruit Holdings Co.
     2014Engineering Internship, Livesense Inc.
     2014Engineering Internship, Cookpad Inc.
2012-2013Software Engineer, Campus. Inc.
     2012Part-time Software Engineer, Paperboy&co. Inc
     2012Engineering Internship, Hatena Co.


2016-2019PhD in Engineering, University of Kaiserslautern
“Meta-Augmented Human: From Physical to Cognitive Towards Affective State Recognition” (Reviewed by Prof. Andreas Dengel, Prof. Paul Lukowicz, and Prof. Koichi Kise)
2014-2016Master of Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka Prefecture University
“Eyewear Computing for Cognitive Activity Recognition” (Reviewed by Prof. Koichi Kise, Prof. Tomoharu Nakashima, and Prof. Hisao Ishibuchi)
2010-2014Bachelor of Engineering, Osaka Prefecture University
“Activity Recognition with Google Glass: Combining Head Motion and Eye Blink Frequency” (Reviewed by Prof. Koichi Kise and Prof. Kai Kunze)
VisitingUniversity of La Rochelle (2015.09-10), University of Kaiserslautern (2013.10-2014.03)

Completed Master Thesis Supervision

2020Arka Sinha, “Object Recognition on Learning Materials with Deep Neural Networks for Document Understanding”
2020Ann-Sophie Steinert, “Preference-Aware Learning Material with Document Layout Optimization”
2020Emil Baitemirov, “Automated Detection of Mind Wandering while Reading and Listening Music”
2019Jan Holub, “Estimating Cognitive Load Using Deep Learning Methods”
2019Jayasankar Santhosh, “Objective Readability Measurement of Unknown Documents by Generating Artificial Eye Movements”
2018Iuliia Brishtel, “Mental Workload When Reading From Different Media”
2018Soumy Jacob, “Predicting Human Perception while Reading using Eye Tracking and Other Metrics”
2018Jawad Hussain, “Investigating Reading and Skimming Classifier and Its Application in Gaze Oriented Reading”

Completed Bachelor Thesis Supervision

2018Ann-Sophie Steinert, “Investigation of the Relationship between Reading Order and Reading Behaviour on a Textbook using Eye Tracking”


2020.SSCollaborative Intelligence (Co-lecturing with Prof. Dengel)
2019.SSCollaborative Intelligence (Co-lecturing with Prof. Dengel)


2020-2022Key Researcher, DFG ANR JST International Call on Artificial Intelligence
2020-2022Co-Investigator, JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B)
2017-2019Co-Investigator, JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C)
2017-2019Representative, JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B)
     2015Creator, IPA MITOU Exploratory IT Human Resources Project


2020.03Program Co-Chair for Augmented Humans 2020
2019.09Co-Organizer for EyeWild 2019
2019.03Program Committee for PerPersuasion 2019
2018.10Program Committee for READ 2018
2015.03Co-Organizer for Application Developer Festival 2015
ReviewingIMWUT, IJDAR, ISWC ‘20, CHI ‘20, MobileHCI ‘20, PerPersuasion ‘19, READ ‘18, HDI ‘17

Awards and Honorable Activities

2020.04Best Presentation at Asian CHI Symposium 2020
2019.102nd Place at Learning Innovation Grand Prix
2019.05PhD with an award summa cum laude (with highest praise)
2018.10Poster Track Honorable Mention at UbiComp/ISWC 2018
2017.07Gave a talk at TEDxNagouaU
2016.06Certificated as Super Creator by METI and IPA Japan
2015.11President's Honor in Osaka Prefecture University
2015.11Semifinal stage of MashupAwards11
2015.09Best Presentation Award at Poster Presentation in Osaka Prefecture University:
2015.08Champion at 2Weeks US Workshop 2015 by Recruit Holdings Co.
2015.07Champion at JINS MEME HACKATHON Powered by Mashup Awards
2015.04Best 3 at Japan preliminary round at Imagine Cup 2015 Innovation Path
2014.06Best Presentation Award at MIRU2014 Young Researchers’ Program
2014.06Audience Award at MIRU2014 Young Researchers’ Program
2013.053rd place at Super Hackathon 2013 in Osaka
2012.12Champion at Kyoto Hackathon
2012.11President's Honor in Osaka Prefecture University
2012.11Semifinal stage of MashupAwards8
2012.08Champion at Prototyping Lab, KLab Inc
2012.06Final stage of Mock App Planning Contest, CyberAgent Inc
2012.01Champion at Tech-Tokyo, Application Development Contest for Students



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